Perfecting Your Armbars with Professor Keith Owen

Here’s a science experiment for you.  Walk around your town and ask random strangers if they can show you a jiu jitsu move.  If they’re wearing an Affliction shirt with more foil on it then your leftovers in the fridge, keep walking.  They will probably try to charge you for a seminar.

My hypothesis is that the move that the average person is most likely to be familiar with is the armbar.  I can ask any 10 year old who’s watched any UFC to show me some jiu jitsu and they’re going to try to put me in the armbar.  With the pop-culture presence of the move, why in the world is it so difficult to land sometimes?

First, it’s one of the earliest moves most people learn as white belts.  With our tendency to think we know something better than we do, we usually learn the basic mechanics and then move on, bored with drilling to the Berimbolo.  Therefore, we never really perfect our technique and we never encounter the problems that happen in real life.

Secondly, there are so many things people can do to thwart your armbars.  They can grip, try to roll out, the list is endless.  Professor Keith Owen is here with an exclusive video that he wanted to share with readers of Jiu Jitsu Times.  It is going to improve your competency on this crucial move we all should be drilling all the time.

Professor Owen is based in Boise, Idaho and is a revered black belt instructor under the legendary Pedro Sauer.  Take some time and watch this renowned black belt instructor help you address those grips, angles and many other obstacles your opponent can throw at you.

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