Phheewww! My Rashguard Stinks!

We all know that guy in bjj class – “The Stinky Guy”.

But unfortunately, sometimes it is YOU who is the stinky culprit! The horror upon realizing that you are offending the olfactory senses of your training partners!

I started to experience this problem with a few of my favorite rash guards.

I would wash the rash guard soon after class with regular laundry and then I would air dry. But a few minutes into BJJ class, as I started to heat up, a most unpleasant odour would start to emanate from my rash guard: something in between a combination of over-ripe fermenting fruit and Doritos nacho chips.

I was very self-conscious in BJJ class, hoping that the others would not take notice of my pungent aroma.

It seems that a bacteria colony had established itself in the rashguard and was immune to regular laundry soap.

I tried a few different solutions and can recommend two things that restored my favorite kimono and rash guards to smelling normally.

1) I had a nacho cheese smelling kimono that was cleared after filling a pail of cold water, pouring a small bottle of white table vinegar into it, and letting it sit. After the kimono soaked over night, I laundered it as usual and it was cured!

2) I tried something else with the rash guards. I filled a sink with water, then added a small amount of liquid laundry soap and a capful of bleach. I let the rashguards sit for an hour and then thoroughly rinsed and washed.

Problem solved.

If you are earning a reputation as “The Stinky Guy,” then try my methods to kill the foul smelling bacteria creating the problem.

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  1. I fill the bleach section of my washing machine with white vinegar every time I wash any of my BJJ gear. I never have an issue and the colors on my gear always look new.


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