Podcast: Evolve MMA’s Head MMA and Wrestling Coach Heath Sims

I recently spoke with Heath Sims, the Head Coach for Wrestling and MMA at Evolve MMA in Singapore. In his current role with Evolve, Heath uses his 35 years of martial arts experience to train the top MMA team in Asia and also serves as an instructor for the wrestling, fitness, and MMA classes at Evolve’s three locations in Singapore. Prior to joining evolve in 2011, Heath was part owner of the Team Quest in Temecula, CA with long-time friend and MMA legend Dan Henderson. While at Team Quest, Heath coached many high level fighters including Henderson, Jason ‘Mayhem’ Miller, and Tarec Saffiedine.

Heath is a very accomplished wrestling who was a member of the United States Olympics Greco-Roman Wrestling Team in 2000, a 6-time US National Champion, and 2-time California High School State Wrestling Champion. Through competing and training in wrestling, Heath was able to travel the world and gain many different life experiences that have helped shaped his life and developed a high level of mental toughness. During our conversation we discussed

-Heath’s competitive wrestling career

-Developing mental toughness through adversity that including losing to the same opponent 18 times in a row and overcoming major injuries.

-Training with Dan Henderson and Team Quest.

-Coaching and training the Evolve Fight Team in Asia.

I really enjoyed picking Chatri’s brain over tea. Sorry in advance for the background noise in the tea room. The Jiu-Jitsu Times podcast is available on both SoundCloud and iTunes.


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