Possible GSP Vs Nate Diaz For UFC 200?

The way that Nate Diaz came back from what seemed to be a bloody loss to defeat Conor McGregor is certainly one for the books. A lot of people were impressed by his performance at UFC 197 including former champion Georges St Pierre. In fact, GSP’s coach expressed interest in making a fight between the two.

GSP used to be the undisputed welterweight champ but he hasn’t fought since November 2013. There has recently been some talk of a comeback but nothing concrete has been set. A GSP vs Nate Diaz match would be quite interesting. It may even be considered as an option for the main event of UFC 200 in July.

For now, all of these are just pure speculation. Diaz is currently out of action while his injuries heal and GSP still needs to show top form before being considered as a worthy contender for the title.


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