Possible Jail Time on Tap For Conor McGregor Following Pub Punch

Image Source: Conor McGregor/ Instagram

Having gotten off for assaulting that bus, that dolly, and that cell phone, former UFC champ Conor McGregor may finally be getting more than a fine for his out of the ring antics. McGregor will reportedly be appearing in Dublin’s District Court on October 11 for assault charges stemming from his April attack on an older gentleman in an Irish pub. And while he’s gotten off before, it seems Conor may actually being looking at a little jail time on this one.

In case you missed this, this was the drama that unfolded when one really unimpressed bar patron refused McGregor’s personal Proper No. 12 brand whiskey:

If convicted, McGregor could face up to six months in prison for the hit. There’s also a sizeable fine, not that he cares much about that these days.

McGregor was last seen in the ring in his now infamous defeat by Khabib Nurmagomedov, which was followed by the biggest post-fight/in-the-ring brawl outside of the WWE when both McGregor and Khabib’s corners lost their gatdamned minds.


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