You put on a gi… now what?

So, you’ve signed up for BJJ. Now what?!

It’s a nice sunny day, spring has finally arrived, and you find yourself wondering what you’ll do during the nicer weather. For those of us who aren’t “snow bunnies,” it’s a time to rejoice! No more freezing fingers or toes; no more icy cold breath and long winter days(and nights). Celebration is in order!!

You’ve done your research. You’ve GOOGled and BINGed. You’re making a list and planning to have oodles of fun and adventure. While you were perusing all of the concerts, beaches, and activities, something different caught your eye. And by golly you decided to join the masses and become a martial artist! You’ve stepped outside the box and decided to sign up for Brazilian jiu-jitsu! You’ve become daring and fierce and… okay, maybe I pontificate and over-exaggerate. However I cannot contain my excitement. You’re embarking on a journey with several paths, and you decide which to follow.

So you’ve joined BJJ and find yourself asking “Now what???” It’s okay! We’ve all been there. We’ve all taken the leap and then also realized we had no idea what we were in for, what steps to take next, or what questions to ask (kind of like everything else in life, except in BJJ there’s a manual otherwise known as coach, professor, nstructor… lifeline!). Don’t fear the unknown or unexpected. Once you step into that gi, wrap your white belt around your waist, and join the ranks on the mats, you’ve automatically become part of a community.

Yeah, but NOW WHAT?! Here’s the now what. Now you take class. You meet new people, learn jiu-jitsu, and discover that your personal growth occurs alongside the growth of your teammates. You all may be on the mats for different reasons, but you are all connected by a mutual understanding. We all start here. We all start as newbies with limited knowledge and maybe a little bit of healthy fear. But once you join the ranks, you’ll never stand alone. You’ll never flounder or fall because your team will be there to lift you up and help you stand.

So, you’ve joined BJJ. Now what? Now you start an amazing journey. Enjoy the ride. It’s a lifelong one!

Happy Rolling!


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