Put the Pressure On to Smash and Pass a Mean Z Guard

Remember just a few years ago, when you could spend an open mat without 10,000 knee shields being jammed into your sternum for two hours? With the popularity and effectiveness of rubber, Z, and “funky hip” guards now being common knowledge, more tutorials are focusing on effective passing techniques, including this one from Atos’ Zack LeCates.

The focus here is on moving your opponent into Z guard, creating pressure with your torso on their elevated leg. Work to get your knee behind and over the knee they have on the ground so that you come to rest on top of their bent folcrum. Once you’ve cleared their knee your back leg shoots back into a “half sprawl”–the whole thing should put you in a modified pigeon pose with your front knee pinned to the mat. Zack demonstrates how to clear the rest of their body in this quick demo below:


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