The Pyramid Of Execution with Eddie Fyvie

What gives some grapplers the ability to use “basic” techniques (in any activity), while others have to start using more “complex” techniques.

“The essence of profound insight is simplicity.” – Jim Collins

The pyramid of execution

Execution (15% of the structure) – making it work.
Techniques (25% of the structure) – all the moves you use.
The Elements (60% of the structure) – Base, weight distribution, leverage, timing, etc.

The THREE points listed above are the main parts of creating an effective product or technique. The elements are 60% of the structure

One thing that I have seen over the years through traveling, training, and teaching is that most of the high level practitioners offer ONE of TWO things.

  1. Extremely gifted or developed physical attributes (flexibility, strength, etc.).
  2. Very strong elements/mechanics (base, posture, etc. The inner workings of the technique.)

I do not count the first in my analysis. The ones with physical gifts, while very impressive, do not fit into the norm.

The second portion however is fascinating. With those practitioners, I neither feel “crazy” techniques nor “wasted” energy; I feel efficient and effective movement, developed from their development of the inner workings. Their…

Weight distribution
Use Levers & Wedges
Patience, Relaxed

Many more…
The “basic” techniques are what work in the beginning and the end (25% of the structure)

The “basic” techniques of Jiu-Jitsu are what you learn in the beginning and then eventually come back around to at the end. It is an amazing “Circle of Jiu-Jitsu Life”. This could also be due to the fact that when you reach Black Belt, your ability to dissect is at another level. You have “Black Belt Eyes”.

In the beginning, the “basics” lay the foundation for your Jiu-Jitsu. Over time, people become blinded by the idea that the “basics” only work against basic practitioners. This is NOT the case.
The execution of the technique (15% of the structure)

In the beginning, individuals have no idea what the possibilities are, so they fall for the “basic” techniques much quicker. As time goes on and they evolve, it becomes much more difficult to execute these same techniques. This is where people go ONE of TWO directions…

They look for a new move.
They revert back to the elements to correct the one they have, before they look for new.

“I fear not the man who has practiced 10,000 kicks once, but I fear the man who had practiced one kick 10,000 times.” -Bruce Lee

>>> When you don’t execute (top of the pyramid)…

>>> You have a technique (middle of the pyramid) that failed…
What is your next step? Find a new technique or revert back to the elements~?

The answer…ALWAYS revert back to the elements of the technique FIRST!

The answer to your problem is in one of the mechanics of the technique. If you go through the list and cannot find a solution, perhaps then, it is time to start playing with some new tricks.
Trust this method!

When you analyze the top people in our art or your sport and see their “basic” game, it was not completely credited to how much they drilled.
It was the development of their “elements, their mechanics, their concepts”, the base of the pyramid.

Every activity, art, sport, or game, has certain principles, do not forget to refer back to them!

There are unbelievable innovators that come up with advanced technology and complex ideas in every activity, but the ones that always are regarded at the TOP followed the strategy of “developing” the powerful technology they already have!

Gable, Rickson, Jordan…These guys were developers of sport and art, but they developed it based on the “basics”.

~ When your technique fails revert back to the elements.
~ When you exhaust every possibility, ask someone better.
~ When they can’t figure it out, find a new path.

The mechanics of a “basic” technique can be simple or complex. Develop the mechanics along with the repetition and you will find yourself.

Gable, Rickson, Jordan…Why not you?

Eddie Fyvie
Spa City Jiu-Jitsu – Owner
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