Ralek Gracie Talks About Metamoris: ‘We Owe A Group Of People, And It Sucks’

Ralek Gracie was on The MMA Hour earlier this week to not only talk about his upcoming MMA bout at Bellator 170, but the state of the BJJ promotion he founded, Metamoris.

“…we’re kind of in a hiatus and it’s been an interesting process,” Ralek told host Ariel Helwani. “…the idea is for us to regroup and really just refine our business model.”

Ralek also told Helwani that he owes people, something he has repeatedly been criticized for by Metamoris’ fans and competitors.

Ralek Gracie is an undefeated MMA fighter and BJJ black belt. He is not only notable for being the founder of Metamoris, but for being the son of Helio Gracie’s oldest son, Rorion Gracie.

Bellator 170 is set to go off on January 21 from The Forum in Inglewood California. The event will be headlined by a match between Chael Sonnen and Tito Ortiz.


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