Ralek Gracie Back In The Cage January 21st Against KO Artist Hisaki Kato

Photo/Poster: Bellator 170

Ralek Gracie, possibly one of the most hated jiu-jitsu practitioners in the world, is still making efforts to pay all of his bills. He has been struggling with debt since his investors pulled out a few years ago, and he owes thousands to Metamoris fighters.

Bellator 170 will bring Gracie money in right along with Metamoris 7: Gracie vs. Buchecha 2 in July. Both of these events are Metamoris’ attempt to pull in some funding. Metamoris 7 will feature matches between Ralek Gracie and Tim Spriggs, Yuri Simoes and Matheus Diniz, Roger Gracie and Marcus Almeida and many more. Bellator 170 will happen in January, and it is expected to do well.


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