Ralf Warneking Hits Kneebar in 23 Seconds In Between Cornering Student Matches

This is how you multitask.

10th Planet black belt Ralf “The Germanator” Warneking is a beloved figure in masters jiu-jitsu. He was the first European to bring Eddie Bravo’s system to Germany, is a IBJJF No Gi World champ, devotes himself to teaching, jokes around on Reddit grappling feeds…and some weekends, like this past one in Amsterdam, he integrates his own victories into a full day of cornering for students at the Naga European Championships.

Warneking has been out of the competition circuit due to injury for 3 years. He returned in spectacular style, landing the kneebar you’ll see below in less than 30 seconds in between sprints from match to match to coach his own school’s seven competitors. Warneking finished the day as the European champ in his age bracket.

Welcome back, professor.



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