Reader Question: “Question about etiquette on academy patches”

Question: “Hi, I’ve just arrived at a new location to work for 4 months.
None of my gis have any patches as I do move around for work a lot and prefer to keep it that way as there’s no one particular place that I’ve been at the most.
The new place without naming names, says I HAVE to get all patches on all my Gis.
Not too sure what I have to do and the proper etiquette is.”

Jiu-jitsu Times : Yes, some academies have set rules about which kimonos may be worn and what patches must be displayed on the kimono.

Gracie Barra for example, requires students to wear the Gracie Barra official uniform.
Temporary visitors to the GB academy have the option of wearing a plain white kimono also.

I like the quote “The strongest armies all wear the same uniform.” attributed to one of the Gracie Barra instructors.

This policy has generated some criticism but overall doesn’t seem to be a big deal to the students.

Most guys who travel and do many drop ins keep a simple, plain white kimono just for such a purpose.

Other academies have no rules and a class photo shows a bewildering number of different colors and kimono brands.
The academy features a post Xmas gi fashion show 😉

It is really is more of a pain in the rear when you are only going to be there temporarily.

The first thing I would do is explain your situation to the head instructor and ask if wearing a plain white kimono would be acceptable.

If the response is “No” and the quality of training that you will receive at the academy is high quality I would suggest that you “lump it” and get some patches sewn on 1 or 2 of your kimonos.
They may not be convenient for you but you have to respect the rules of the academy.

Hope this helps!

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