Referee Has To Choke MMA Fighter To Get Him To Let Go Of A Submission

A May 19 fight at the WEC Selection 35 in Kyrgystan saw a disgraceful moment happen in the fight between Doolotbek Narmatov and Saidburkhon Saidakbarova.

Narmatov had a dominant first round, first battering Saidakbarova from side control before transitioning to a guillotine. Saidakbarova soon tapped to the submission, and the referee tried to stop the fight, but Narmatov refused to let go. Even as the referee tried shaking the competitors to get Narmatov to release his hold, he still kept the choke on, and it wasn’t until the ref put both hands on Narmatov’s throat that he finally released his opponent and celebrated his victory.

This isn’t the first time an MMA fighter has held onto a submission after a tap, but it’s rare and unfortunate to see a fighter ignore the referee to such an extent after the fight has already been won.

You can watch the entire fight below:



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