Revgear Competition League: A Review

With all of the new grappling leagues that have been popping up in the last couple of years, it’s easy to overlook some of them that have recently made the scene. One of which that seems to have been overlooked is the Revgear Competition League.

Revgear has been involved in the MMA and grappling community for some time now, but they recently made their first foray into the world of putting on 10665200_685332571535238_1347452440797818222_ngrappling competitions. Rules-wise, their scoring runs very similar to IBJJF, but they also offer cash prized to male and female black belt winners. The prize money is equal to both genders, which is something no other league currently does (that I am aware of anyways).

Overall, I think it’s safest to say that they’ve been running their competitions in a similar model to NAGA (which is a good thing). They keep things flowing well, and offer medals and belts in a similar manner. They even offer lower prices than NAGA does.

As far as events go, they put on a pretty fair number every year, but not as much as NAGA seems to, or at least they don’t have a full year scheduled out in advance the way NAGA does. However, they always make sure brackets are scheduled before you arrive, and for lower belts and children, they offer double elimination brackets.

10395836_10152970506214937_8816654123379196110_nI have only heard positive things about their league from people who have competed with them. The Revgear Competition League is an excellent tournament to attend if you live close, or are confident about nabbing that cash prize. I do recommend keeping an eye on them and their schedule to see if they ever end up close to you. Be sure to work hard before attending. There are lots of big names that drop in on these tournaments, so be ready to really compete.


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