RESULTS: Rodolfo Vieira Demolishes Opponent in MMA Match With First-Round Rear Naked Choke

IBJJF and ADCC Champion Rodolfo Vieira is tearing things up in the MMA cage.

The 28-year-old “Black Belt Hunter” is riding a 4-0 win streak in mixed martial arts, and all of those wins have come by way of submission.

Earlier today, Vieira took on Jacob Holyman-Tague in Absolute Championship Berkut 88, which went down in Brisbane, Australia.

The two touched gloves and spent the first 40 seconds feeling each out. Holyman-Tague then landed a nice straight punch, uppercut, knee combo, but Rodlofo retaliated with a single leg and wrestled Holyman-Tague to the edge of the cage. Jacob struggled to stay up, but couldn’t fight off Vieira’s power, and was eventually put on his back. Holyman-Tague, worked his way back up quickly, but was again unable to match Vieira’s wrestling and taken down.

Rodolfo landed in Jacob’s half guard, but wasn’t able to do much damage, as Holyman-Tague again worked his way up to his feet quickly. Vieira pressed his opponent up against he cage, picked him up, and dropped him on his side. But again he couldn’t keep Jacob down.

He wasn’t about to give up, though. Rodolfo took Holyman-Tague down again, and though Jacob worked his way up yet again, he set himself up for another big slam.

This time, he was staying down. Holyman-Tague tried to roll out from under his opponent, but Rodolfo took his back. From there, Vieira landed some huge shots to the side of the head, which not only hurt by themselves, but allowed the BJJ black belt to snake his hand under Jacob’s neck and lock in a rear naked choke. Holyman-Tague tried to fight it off, but it was in too deep, and he had no choice but to tap.

You can watch Rodolfo Vieira’s spectacular match in its entirety above.


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