Joe Rogan Reacts To Joey Diaz Comment About Mackenzie Dern

The MMA and combat sports community couldn’t help but take notice of comedian Joey “CoCo” Diaz’s rather tasteless comment about Mackenzie Dern’s … well… we’ll just let you read it for yourselves:

In a deleted tweet, ADCC and IBJJF Champion Vinny Maghalaes expressed his agreement with Diaz’s tweet.

Interestingly, Joe Rogan — who is a huge fan of Diaz and regularly has him on his show — was somewhat critical of Joey. I say “somewhat” because he was clearly not offended by the comment. His laughter is proof of that, though that was no doubt helped by the alcohol he was drinking.

Rogan asked a question most people would expect a feminist to ask: what would have happened if someone said that about a man?

Brendan Schaub, who was a guest on the show, just laughed, as did Rogan. But considering Rogan is so critical of “social justice warriors” it was interesting that he was asking that question in the first place.


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