Rolles Gracie Launches to Honor His Father on His 64th Birthday.

Rolls Gracie, the Brazilian Jiu Jitsu legend, would have turned 64 years old today. His openness to cross training and competing in wrestling, sambo, and judo made him one of the great innovators and ambassadors of the gentle art. The impact of his contributions to Jiu Jitsu can still be seen today in through two of his top competition team members who went on to form their own associations; Romero ‘Jacare’ Calvacanti of Alliance and Carlos Gracie Jr. of Gracie Barra.

Rolls also greatly influenced his cousin Rickson Gracie, who is considered to be the greatest BJJ practitioner of all-time. When asked about the qualities he learned from Rolls, Rickson replied

“He passed me the spirit of the warrior. He was a natural warrior. I always looked at him and wanted to be like him. He was the coach you wanted to listen to. Rolls did exactly what he said he would. In a fight, he always went for the finishing hold, not for getting points, and then waiting for the final. I see him as an older brother.”

Rolls’ son Rolles Gracie, a third-degree Black Belt and ADCC Silver Medalist, has launched to honor his father’s legacy and contributions to Jiu Jitsu.  Rolles commented:

“The main goal with it is to keep his memory alive, for the generations to come to know what importance he has in the Jiu-jitsu they do today. On the website I have a couple articles, a video of his part in the documentary “The Gracie and the birth of vale-tudo“, photos and I’ll keep updating it with videos with testimonials and stories about him told by the old school guys and future publications.”


The site includes an extensive written biography of Rolls Gracie, exclusive photos, articles, and a 20-minute documentary. For the latest news and updates on the site, you can folow on Facebook and Instagram.

Thank you and happy birthday Rolls!




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