Ronaldo Souza Received Help From Anderson Silva In Preparation For Upcoming Fight

At UFC 194, Ronaldo Souza will battle against Yoel Romero. Ronaldo Souza received help from Anderson Silva to prep for the fight. Both fighters feature a similar fighting style and both are left-handed after all. Of course, a fighter in MMA should never pass on an opportunity to train and improve themselves. Silva beat plenty of opponents on his way to a memorable MMA and UFC career. Souza doesn’t want to leave UFC 194 the loser.

Interview with: Portal Do Vale Tudo

“I am well physically, technically and mentally. I am prepared to make one of my best performances of the night. I have confidence and I have been working hard. “Anderson Silva helped me because he is also left-handed, knows a lot of things. And I can assure you that it is also well physically. It has the energy of a child.”

Souza didn’t go into deep detail on what Silva helped him with. Still, it’s evident that he’s taking this fight seriously. Yoel Romero won’t drop to the mat in defeat with ease. Souza mentioned that he’s feeling great mentally and physically. When UFC 194 gets underway, the card will be stacked with some incredible fights. Unfortunately, Souza-Romero could be overshadowed by McGregor-Aldo and another fight or two.

Nonetheless, the takeaway: Souza will come out swinging!


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