Ronda Rousey On The Time She Beat The Crap Out Of Her Creepy Ex-Boyfriend In A Justifiable Fury

While fighting for Strikeforce, Ronda Rousey recounts how she started dating a guy. From the start, he was a relatively mundane and unexciting person, which Rousey considered fine compared to her previous boyfriends. She eventually used his computer and found naked photos of herself on the hard drive. The only issue is that she never knew about the photos up until that point, and Rousey wasn’t exactly happy about them. At that point, she did something Rowdy-like.

After the man returned home, she confronted him and yelled at him. “Snappers McCreepy” wanted to explain himself, but Rousey wouldn’t accept an explanation. She wound up punching him in the face a few times, slapping him, and then kneeing him. Rousey even had to toss him away from a door, and then she tossed him out of her car. Ronda reveals details about the time she beat the crap out of her creepy ex-boyfriend, and we’re not surprised about how she reacted.



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