Ronda Rousey Vs Holly Holm Stare down Got Heated Up!

Photo: Dana White

Full Weight-In Video:


  1. What the hell was all that about Rhonda! Seems to need to get herself amped up on personal animosity where none exists. Do your talking in the octagon and leave it at that…it is kind of embarrassing to see such an unprofessional display.. Holm has been nothing but the model professional she is. It is highly likely she will lose on Sunday unless she can stay away from the judo throw and ground game (armbar) of Rousey.

    If Rhonda thinks she can hang with Holm’s striking she will be making a huge mistake. I would like to see this one go a couple of rounds and we will see what Rhonda is really made up when she is in the trenches against a world-class striker. Holm’s must not kick above the knee, if she does she will lose the fight. She needs to keep her hips out of any clinch and circle out. If she does that she can take the Champ into deep waters….It could be a good fight if Holm can keep her head and use her ring craft to keep it at distance.

  2. Adolfo, it wasn’t so much the contact but the way that Rhonda marched up to Holly that looked a little childish. Of course she is intense but it could be counter-productive against a pro like Holm who may be able to whether an early storm. Rousey’s striking is first class nowadays and was really on point in her last fight. Her coach is top draw and has really rounded out her game.

    That said, Holm is a different level altogether, but it will all be down to distance control in the fight. If Rousey can successfully close distance (and there is no reason to think that she can’t and will) then the fight is pretty much over. It depends how Holm manages the distance and makes the Champ pay for badly timed shots. Rousey will still be Champion after this in my opinion, but it would be fun to see it go more than a single round.

    Should be a great fight!


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