Roy Nelson May Be In Trouble With Brazilian Authorities After Kicking John McCarthy

Despite an apology on Facebook, UFC heavyweight and Renzo Gracie black belt Roy “Big Country” Nelson could be in serious trouble with the authorities in Brazil after kicking veteran referee “Big John” McCarthy at UFC Fight Night 95.

According to Cristiano Sampaio, spokesperson for the Comissao Atletica Brasileira de MMA (CABMMA), Big Country’s case will go before the Superior Court of Sport.

Even though CABMMA understands Roy Nelson’s ‘frustration’ in that situation due to his close relationship with his opponent [heavyweight Antonio “Bigfoot” Silva], that does not justify his act and can open a serious and dangerous precedent in the sport. We, as the regulation body of MMA in Brazil and member of the Association of Boxing Commissions, will not tolerate such conduct.

All the licensed professionals involved have to act accordingly, respecting the rules, commission, promoter and fans, where unsportsmanlike behavior will be subject to fines and suspensions.

Sampaio didn’t say what penalties Nelson could be facing for his actions.



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