Royce Gracie Claims He Is A Better Fighter Now Than He Was 20 Years Ago

Royce Gracie will fight Ken Shamrock in February 2016 but this is no longer news. Royce Gracie has just announced that he is a better fighter now than he was 20 years ago. For good measure, he added that the Royce Gracie today would have defeated the Royce Gracie 20 years ago. He also stated that while the Royce Gracie of 20 years before had talent, the current Royce Gracie has both talent and experience.

Remember that Ken Shamrock and Royce Gracie fought in 1995. Now, they have another fight coming up soon (almost 20 years after their last fight). The Royce Gracie statement may be just hype but the man has some cogent points. His MMA career record is 14-2 while Ken Shamrock has a 28-16 record. Whoever wins or loses, the coming fight promises to be exciting.


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