Royce Gracie On Eddie Bravo: “How Can You Like A Person Who Endorse Drugs”

One of the top reasons that so many people follow the MMA action is to learn more about what their favorite fighters are doing and how they are keeping up with the sport. This means following them through their routines, their resting plans, and, of course, their commentary on their colleagues, their opponents, and on the sport itself. Royce Gracie had recently chosen to speak up about some things that he had felt were important. He discussed the Gracie Academy, Renzo Gracie, and a few other things that are all strongly related with the sport. Many fans appreciate him for his candor and his willingness to be open about some things that others are not. During his talks, fans were able to enjoy a more insightful look into the situation surrounding the league and some of their favorite fighters. Royce Gracie interview with fightlifeuae


  1. Royce got popped for using steroids. For a martial art that was designed for a smaller weaker person to be able to overcome the bigger stronger person, this is a disgrace to Gracie Jiujitsu and his father if he were still alive.


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