Ryan Bader Shows Us How To Drain The Cauliflower Ear

Anybody who has competed in the sport of amateur wrestling or mixed martial arts knows that a cauliflower ear is considered a badge of courage in their respective sports. However, for those who decide to drain the cauliflower ear, UFC veteran Ryan Bader has released a short video as Ryan Bader shows us how to drain cauliflower ear. Essentially, you stick a small needle in the area of the ear that needs to be drained, then you suck the fluid out until the ear goes back to its original shape or close enough to it and folks…that’s how you drain a cauliflower ear.


This is so gross that it’s actually kind of cool.Ever wonder how you get rid of cauliflower ear? UFC star Ryan Bader shows us how to get the job done!Side Note: Training in a Game of Thrones shirt automatically makes you an awesome person. #PROcast

Posted by UFC on FOX on Thursday, January 21, 2016


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