Ryan Hall And Ben Nguyen Training Together At Alliance Las Vegas

Ryan Hall’s next appearance in the UFC will be coming soon after he defeated Artem Lobov to win the UFC Ultimate Fighter 22. The UFC’s newest star is not resting on his laurels because the UFC Ultimate Fighter champion Ryan Hall and Ben Nguyen training together. Hall is one of the most impressive Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu competitors currently in the UFC and training with Nguyen will only make his skills even more impressive when he gets back into the octagon in the future. Hall, who showed an impressive ground game when fighting Artem Lobov, will need to improve his striking game at some point if he wants to be in the upper echelon of the UFC, but that ground game is simply so dangerous that a striking game may actually be the farthest thing from the fighters mind at this point in his young MMA career.

Fun training tonight at Cobrinha BJJ Las Vegas. Thanks for the rolls, guys!

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