Ryan Hall: I Think Deep Half Guard Works In MMA And I’m Willing To Show It

Currently, Ryan Hall sports a decent 4-1 MMA record. He’s on the current season of The Ultimate Fighter, Team McGregor Vs. Team Faber. Hall has won two TUF bouts through submission holds, and a little jiu-jitsu has been showcased in the process. Of course, half-guard is something that he specializes in, and it’s something that he wants to implement further in MMA. That idea might sound a little crazy to veteran MMA fans and those within MMA for one big reason.

Half-guard leaves fighters open to a barrage of strikes, and the same is true of deep half-guard. If anyone can succeed in MMA with this guard, then it’s probably Ryan Hall. Chances are good that viewers will see some more half-guard in The Ultimate Fighter. It remains to be seen whether Hall can implement the move with success or get knocked out in the process.


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