Ryan Hall Talks About His Win Over Artem Lobov

Ryan Hall Backstage Interview after his fight with Artem Lobov reveals his thoughts. The 30 year old fighter is the newest winner of the 22nd season of Ultimate Fighter. While he recently suffered a bad staph infection, he was called about the fight and recovered in time to participate. He was unable to travel and expressed gratitude to his trainers that traveled to meet him.

The fight itself he said, went well. He got a choke hold on Lobov, but because of the positioning the referee couldn’t see it well and Hall let him go. The rest of the fight he tried to do submission holds, to prevent Lobov from doing any damage. He admitted that his opponent was a strong one, that could take him out with a hit to the head. But he came to win and despite his arms being weak from the choke hold, he did just that.


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