Ryan Hall Defeats Gray Maynard At TUF Finale

Gray Maynard, who had previously challenged for the UFC Lightweight Championship, switched to featherweight tonight to continue his quest to become a world champion. Unfortunately, his opponent, Ryan Hall, had other ideas.

As predicted, Hall maintained a comfortable distance in round one and peppered Maynard with kicks prior to a failed attempt at a leg. During the stand up exchanges, Hall came off best, hitting him with well-timed crosses and jabs.

In the second round, Hall dominated before landing a back kick that Maynard had no answer to. Maynard did land some notable shots during the round, but he was not aggressive enough. Hall’s strategy, of constantly trying to take the fight to the ground, kept Maynard at bay and gave him the space to strike at range regularly.

In the end, Hall won a clear unanimous decision with scores of 30/27, 30/27 and 29/28.


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