Sage Northcutt Got Choked Out In Round 2

Sage Northcutt thought he was in for an easy fight this past Saturday Night at UFC On Fox 19, but he was wrong as Sage Northcutt Got Choked Out In Round 2 via a half applied arm triangle choke by late replacement Bryan Barberena. The fact that Sage Northcutt tapped out is not the actual story at all, it was the fact that he tapped out to a submission that was not even applied fully at the point. Northcutt, for the first time in his truly young MMA career, was faced with some adversity and instead of fighting through it, decided to simply tap out. Even odder, was that after the competitor tapped out, Northcutt acted like he did not tap out when the referee separated the fighters. Northcutt is far from done in the world of MMA, but this loss must be a learning experience he takes to heart or there will be many more tap outs coming in the future.


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