This Saturday Global Grappling League Returns With Another Great Show!

Global Grappling League has been killing it lately with exciting live streamed events.  A couple of months back they brought the jiu-jitsu community the much anticipated and hyped matchup between Imanari roll wizard Marvin Castelle and the crowned prince of jiu-jitsu, Nicky Ryan.  

This Saturday GGL has a special event that they will be streaming featuring some of the hottest up-and-coming names on the scene right now.  

The super fights from top to bottom:

  • Frank Rosenthal (Renzo Gracie Academy) vs Gary Alvarez Jr
  • Mike mucitelli (Tai Kai) vs Leon Jackson (Ricardo Almeida BJJ)
  • Ed Abrasely (Tai Kai) vs Chad Collier (10th Planet)
  • Damien Anderson (Renzo Gracie Academy) vs Marlen Llamas
  • José Ramirez (Alliance) vs Nick Tomasceiwski (Synthesis BJJ)
  • Glenn Mix (Bombsquad) vs Dave Scerbo (carlson gracie)
  • Bailey Sherbourne (tai kai) vs Sa’idah Zeinab Durkee (Zenith)

While the entire card features absolute killers, the main event, Frank Rosenthal vs. Gary Alvarez Jr. is sure to generate a lot of buzz.

Rosenthal, a brown belt member of the legendary Danaher Death Squad, boasts as his accomplishments:

ADCC Nationals Pro Division Champion  
UGC Lightweight Pro Invitational Champion                                               

Show Art/Finishers tournament 135 lb Finalist

Fight To Win Pro Superfight Winner
And, according to the GGL promoter Sam Micale, a medium sized penis.

The opponent, Gary Alvarez Jr. is a force to be reckoned with:

IBJJF medalist at every belt (white-brown)

IBJJF American National Champion

Multiple time IBJJF Boston Open Champion

Multiple time NAGA Expert division champion

If this matchup alone isn’t enough to pique your interest in this edition of Global Grappling League, a matchup between Bellator veteran and submission artist Mike Mucitelli and tough team Ricardo Almeida competitor Leon Jackson will be sure to be a barn burner.  Both men are known as finishers on the mat.  

On top of the superfights there will be two amazing invitational brackets, one 4-woman bracket and one 16 man bracket .

You can tune in to watch a live stream of this event at


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