Second Suspect in Aniah Blanchard Case Apprehended

Image Source: Walt Harris via Instagram

New breakthroughs in the case of UFC fighter Walt Harris’ missing stepdaughter, Aniah Blanchard, were released on Saturday, just a few days after news that the then singular suspect linked to the missing girl was being ordered to take a DNA test. As of November 23, a second suspect is now in custody. Antwain “Squirmy” Fisher, age 35, was apprehended in Alabama and charged with first degree kidnapping.

Blanchard has been missing since October 23, when she disappeared after leaving a Chevron store in Auburn, Alabama. Ibraheem Yazeed, 29, was arrested earlier this month after a witness told police they had seen him force Blanchard into her car against her will. The vehicle was later found outside an apartment complex, with what authorities are referring to as “a life threatening amount of Blanchard’s blood” inside. Male DNA was also recovered from the vehicle, though it has not yet been IDed positively as Yazeed’s. Video footage from inside the Chevron also puts Yazeed in the same place at the same time as Blanchard, allegedly watching her over his shoulder as she shopped.

No details have been released at this time as to what Fisher’s role in the kidnapping–and still possibly worse–case is. Yazeed’s has a serious criminal history which includes attempted murder, robbery, and an attempted kidnapping. (He was out on Bond at the time of the Blanchard abduction.) Fisher, by comparison, has only traffic violations on record.

Fisher is currently being held without bail.

Harris and his wife appeared last week on the Dr. Phil Show to discuss the hearbreaking disappearance and solicit help finding their 19-year-old. Some of the biggest names in the UFC, from Dana White to Jon Jones, have put up money as a reward to anyone providing information which brings their colleague’s daughter home.


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