Wrestling Is The Most Popular Sport In Senegal, Fighters Earn Up To $200,000 Per Contest!

Senegal wrestling

Wrestling in Senegal is extremely popular, and thousands of people regularly attend live outdoor grappling shows to witness the combatants first hand, and experience the incredible atmosphere of these events.

The style of wrestling in this African country is considerably different to Western wrestling. Firstly, wrestlers demonstrate their dancing skills and showcase their strengths. Then, opening rituals are performed before the fights start. The fights are refereed by spiritual men called Marabouts, and reputations can be made and lost within seconds.

Video by Olympic Channel

Senegal wrestling

Rhythm, rituals and raw passion. Wrestling in Senegal is HUUUUUGE!

Posted by Olympic Channel on Wednesday, April 26, 2017

The wrestlers themselves can earn a lot of money from these contests, with top fighters commanding as much as $200,000 per bout. These athletes are held in high esteem in African society, and invariably live in big houses and drive nice cars.

The demand for this form of combative entertainment is explained by its’ uniqueness. No other country hosts wrestling events that have the raw passion of Senegalese wrestling. It has to be seen to be believed.


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