Settle Down With Some Popcorn Because Now There’s Drama Between Gordon Ryan And Andre Galvao

Image Source: Andre Galvao and Gordon Ryan via Instagram

In the latest installment of Social Media Wars: Jiu-Jitsu Edition, Andre Galvao and Gordon Ryan are doing some verbal sparring, and other big names in the sport are chiming in.

Here’s what’s going on so you can understand all the memes:

It started when Galvao posted a video saying that he was the “real king,” which Ryan took to be a dig at him. Ryan responded on his own Instagram story.

Galvao then responded in another Instagram post of his own:

“50k? Come on…I’m worthy over 1 million dollar in this game || just like I said on my last post. Your actions speaks louder than your words. And here are my actions: 5X ADCC, 5x IBJJF ***not gonna waiste my time writing all other titles here and all I’ve done for the sport || I’m tested & approved Gi or No Gi 💥 I’m forged like gold.”

From there, the comment section got messy. Here are some of the highlights:

Ryan then upped the stakes:

Other prominent BJJ figures (such as Josh Hinger, AJ Agazarm, and ADCC 2019 head organizer Mo Jassim) added their voices to the mix:

Anyway, that’s the scoop, the tea, the gist of what’s happening between two of the top grapplers in the world.


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