Sex Attacker Pounces On Female That knows self-defense, Gets Put To Sleep By Triangle Choke

Mark Willis, who is a 39 year-old sex attacker, ended up messing with the wrong one. He decided to attack a 25 year-old woman who was walking home at 2 a.m in the morning. He jumped on the woman and told her to be quiet. He also told her to do as he said do, or he was going to hurt her.

Mark started hitting the woman in the face. She tried to apply the arm lock, but he ended up punching her in the face again. Mark continued to attack the woman. Her legs were free, so she wrapped one of his legs around the neck.

Mark continued to hit the woman as she choked him with her legs. She was hoping that the man would pass out in a few seconds. She finally felt his body go limp. She managed to get the man off, crawl through the bushes and get to her house.

She heard the man run away and short time later. Willis has been arrested and admitted to assaulting the woman. However, he denies that he sexually assaulted the woman. He has been convicted of sexual assault and is in jail awaiting his sentencing.

“After yesterday’s hearing the woman, who cannot be named, said: ‘I’m glad I was able to bring this man to justice. He is dangerous and I would not like him to do the same to other women.”

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