Shawn Williams Wants Your Feedback For His 50/50 Counter

Shawn Williams is one of the lead commentators for the IBJJF Worlds and Pans, as well as the inventor of the Williams Guard. He has worked with numerous MMA fighters including Georges St. Pierre, Ken Florian, Mac Danzig, and Rory MacDonald. As a BJJ geek, Williams is always thinking about BJJ and trying to test out new theories and ideas.

Sometimes after class, he will pull aside one of his upper belts to experiment his new ideas and techniques. After commentating at Pans last weekend, he noticed a lot of 50/50 being used at the Brown and Black Belt levels and thought of the 50/50 counter defense technique in the video below. He doesn’t play 50/50 much and wants to know from 50/50 players whether the technique works, any ideas or advice, or just a thumbs up. If you can comment below or provide thoughts/feedback, I will share it with him. Thank you in advance.


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