Shocking Coach Of A 10 Year At A Local Tournament

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Video by: Sarah TheBully


  1. Well one people only see what they see. It was my sons action. No that that he lost it was his bad sportsmanship that he showed on that may after he lost we all are ok that he lost but being a certain way to the ref and other fight is not ok. Yes kids don’t understand as much it’s hard to lose but son knows better but when passion and the love of the sport it’s hard. His coach loves and adores him has him own kid. I’m the father the one pointing at him. That’s the propy with social media only see what put on.

    • it dosnt matter who it is rs. Should put your whole name when you post. It wasn’t because my son lost the match its his actions after the match. Also I’m the father so I know what happen there.

  2. I get the trying to teach him about sportsmanship but I tgink it was handled poorly. My son is ten years old and competes in BJJ and I would never yell at him or let a coach act like that towards him. The taking it serious part, really????

    • Well I’m his father and he didn’t grab him hard at all if it was abusive then it’s different but it wasn’t he loves my son so much is actually crazy. My sons action were not ok at all but that’s not shown in video. Me as his dad even admits that it wasn’t ok and me and mom are in video telling me to stop if my son was in any type of harm then it be differnt. But he’s not nor never is. It’s not easy to reach good sportsmanship but people never remember the good only the bad so him being disrecptful to red and other fighter needs
      To stop at a young age. All parents are
      Different and do different things a sore loser isn’t ok at any level.

      • I can see that its the same playing sports like football or soccer. The primary thing you are teaching at that age is the sportsmanship and setting a good foundation. Plus if the father says it wasn’t how it seemed then im inclined to believe him.

  3. I know everyone involved here. We have passion for what we do, if you don’t like it, don’t train with us. The boy in this video is an excellent person, even receiving a ” do the right thing” award for a stand he took at school. He is however, a child & children need reminding what is acceptable & what is not. He was having a tantrum & that’s not ok. Putting a hand on someone is hardly abuse. He was not grabbing him, there are no brusis, he was simply steering him. If your child was throwing a tantrum in the middle of the store, do you allow them to do so, do you give in to their demands? Just because some choose to coddle their future waste of space drain on society, does not mean every person has to follow those poor views.

  4. You’re absolutely right, this video is shocking and appalling! The actions and demonstrations surrounding its entirety are not something to teach a 10 year old or any kid. HOWEVER, I’m probably not on the same page as you are as I find it egregious that the example set for the kids is that if you don’t agree with something, pull out a camera phone, record a video and slander someone without knowing the whole story of the situation.

    The personal attacks on one’s looks are ridiculously out of place. The “I’m going to make a highlight real of this guy” comment I found the worst. Instead of mounting the courage to address the situation at hand, the best approach is to “judge a book by its cover”. Falling off that high horse is going to hurt when the perfect world’s truth peeks its head.

    I am a proud as heck to know the family, the gym and allow the staff to teach my daughter for the past two years. We’re a family there and attacks on one of us is an attack on all of us.

  5. Whoever shot the video was out of line and ignorant. He was yelling instructions, remanded the kid for poor sportsmanship that was off screen and modeled good sportsmanship when he shook the opponents hand. The woman talking sounds like she has her own issues by sounding excited about making a highlight video of this coach.


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