Roger Gracie Planning To Resume Gi Competition

The most recent news in mixed martial arts is that ten-time Brazilian jiu-jitsu champion Roger Gracie to return to high-level Gi competition after a five-year hiatus. He revealed this in a May 18th interview at Team Nogueira Dubai, a martial arts academy located in the United Arab Emirates.

Gracie told fighting lifestyle uae Ricky Rout  that he has trained extensively in Gi jiu-jitsu and feels excited about returning to this type of competition. He mentioned that he has been training with Victor and Braulio Estima. The brothers have frequently competed in this arena. Gracie also noted that his last Gi fight took place in 2010.

“Now its been 5 years since I last competed in the GI, Its exactly 5 years ago when I fought in the World’s in 2010 and lately I’ve been training a lot more with the GI so I am feeling very happy and excited again to compete, I train a lot with Braulio Estima and his brother Victor. I know they are competing a lot so im trying to sharpen up their game as well and I think thats what is motivating me to come back to training.”

Additionally, the ADCC and IBJJF champion discussed the work he does at a mixed martial arts academy that he operates in the United Kingdom. He talked about balancing different parts of life, including fights, training others and coaching. The jiu-jitsu pro spoke about a new fighting contract as well.

As of 2015, Roger Gracie weighs 185 pounds. He has lived 33 years and stands over six feet tall. The world champion won four major fights and lost two between 2010 and 2013, according to the UFC. About four out of 10 strikes succeeded, and his grappling takedowns were 50 percent successful.


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