Singapore Jiu-Jitsu Practitioner Interview

With strong being the new sexy, many people are now beginning to enjoy martial arts as a primary way to stay in shape and meet new people. Singapore Jiu-Jitsu star Emma Xiong has provided interested readers with an interview about her lifestyle and how martial arts has been a positive influence for her. She believes that it is a martial art that is very suitable for women because it can teach self defense and leverage. It can allow a smaller person to get the edge over a larger person, and it can be a great way for anybody to stay in shape. She believes that exercise can be good for everyone and that no matter what the person’s weight or class level is, they should have fun with what they are doing. She says that not only can martial arts be a great way to get in shape, but also travel and meet new people.

Photo: Yahoo Singapore/Emma Xiong
Photo: Yahoo Singapore/Emma Xiong

Emma Xiong interview with Yahoo Singapore

How did you get started in BJJ then?
“I came to Singapore on 29 December 2013 to study because I wanted to further my degree studies here in Singapore. For the first four months I wasn’t exercising so I went to search for gyms to work out at and I stumbled upon BJJ.”

Have you competed before?
“Yes I have! My first ever competition was just two weeks after I started the sport and I lost via armbar (laughs). I’ve competed at both white and blue belt levels. I’ve also competed in wrestling.”

Why should more girls take up BJJ?
It’s a martial art that’s suitable for women because you won’t get hit in the face and risk getting bruised. It is also good for self-defence! The beauty of BJJ is how a smaller person can leverage on it and overcome a bigger person.

Why should people exercise?
“Exercise is good! I feel girls should put more time into exercising more every week instead of just bumming around during free time, shopping and dolling up 24/7. It’s a different kind of satisfaction once you see your health is getting better and your abs start to form! Sometimes if going to the gym gets boring, then try combat sports! You think it’s an individual sport but there’s actually a huge team aspect to it. We train together, compete together and motivate each other too. I just went with some of my teammates to Brazil for a ‘training holiday’ where we visited different BJJ gyms and various top tourist sports of the country. Mixing training and travelling together is so much fun. “



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