Snowed in? Mini-Workout to the Rescue!

I’m sitting here snowed in, literally, thinking “I’m missing class!!! This bites!” I have a small car and right about now I wish I’d gone for the SUV Or Monstrous Truck that would get me up these country hills.
So sitting here sulking isn’t going to help me out. What to do what to do? It’s simple! Whether snowed in, traveling, or working that overtime it’s easy to do this mini-workout… It will take less than 10 minutes but have you feeling great.
10 exercises for 30-45s. Repeat as often as you’d like.
* plank
* push-ups: there are many modifications/ varieties
* burpees
* squats
* lunges (each leg 30-45s)
* mountain climbers
* crunches/sit-ups: again lots of variety out there.
* bridges
* tricep dips
* Jason Scully’s Solo Drills

Now obviously Scully’s Solo Drills may not be appropriate for the office, but I added them FYI.

No excuses! Where there’s a will there’s a way. All of the above exercise are done equipment free and only require body weight, a minimal amount of time, and good execution for a great quick workout. Nothing beats your regular routine or making it to class but in a pinch – don’t despair!


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