So You Lost…

I know what losing is. I been through it quite often. The feeling of disappointment is upsetting… and depressing. You prepared for this, you dream about this. You feel that you deserve that win more then anybody in the tournament, match, game, or whatever it is. However, when you step into that mat, you feel how your will is being devour by the abyss of doubt. You’re nervous, petrified to be exact, but you give your all anyways. You battle like a warrior. Giving all you have, and living it all in the mat, but guess what? You lose. You try again, but you lose one more time, and over, and over, and over again. What happen when you constantly lose? When your skills fail you? You lose motivation. You stop being you. The you that wanted to reach the top without thinking about all the weight of competition holding you down. The you that was willing to leave it all in the mat.

Now the only thing that you leave in the mat is your will, your motivation. So, now you decide to hang the towel, and it seem reasonable, for you. I mean, you keep losing, and there’s no way around it. Like a big shadow. This stigma that follows you so blindly. So you are contemplating the quitting thing. Don’t. Just don’t. Don’t quit. You need to prove people wrong. You need to show them that you lost, but you didn’t gave up. You didn’t die. And as long as you pump blood, and inhale oxygen you will keep going. You need to pick up that will of the mat and try again. You lose? Try again. You lose again? Guess what mother fucked? Try again. Because, how will you win if you give up? Leave no doubt behind. I go by this quote: Discipline yourselves, because when motivation fails, your discipline will take over.


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