Spider Guard Fails Miserably at Montreal Judo Grand Prix

Trigger warning: Insect cruelty; socks.

It’s Wednesday, the week is crawling along, and also it’s a slow news day. So here’s some hard-hitting grappling journalism for you: a spider screwing up a judo match at the Montreal Grand Prix.

That’s right. Along came a spider mid-match at the Canadian tournament, and the camera guys loved it so much we now have this super random, totally amusing document of the non-event…creeping towards 30,000 views on YouTube. With earnest attention to the pathos of combat sports they capture the look on the blonde competitor’s face as she clocks, then engages in some mean mugging with, the wayward arachnid.

The comic visit takes a dark turn however when the referee scores the ippon of the day…then puts the corpse in his pocket. I mean, there’s rules about crossing mats mid-match and everything, but death by smash pass seems a extreme even for IBJJF ruleset fans.

Anyway. Best grappling video you’ll see all day, we promise:


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