Street Fight vs Multiple Attackers And the Biggest LIE in Martial Arts History


  1. Very good strategy, run run run. No teach Krav and other martial arts, but as a Gracie students I’m glad you guys are keeping it real. I wish every self defense instructor taught this.

  2. For a close-area threat situation, I’ve always taught “hit & run” from a standing position, even against a single attacker, because you never know when someone might have a friend that you don’t see right away – and to never go to the ground for the same reason, because your head could become a football. But if you DO end up on the ground, you’re absolutely right: It’s not a grappling match; get off the bottom, up and away asap. However, I do encourage my students to do some damage first if possible to discourage any immediate follow-up on the attacker’s part. I’ve been in a serious three-on-one (me) before due to a lack of good judgment on my part. I miraculously survived, but no fun.

  3. This is wrong, an effective strategy is to carry a stick of butter. If a group attack happens start stripping and screaming, whilst screaming apply the butter as you remove clothes, take bites out of the butter. Secondly, inflict self harm. A few slugs to your own testicles should have even the bravest of attackers thinking twice. If all else fails leap like a freak screaming about a bad prison shower experience, then repeat “I’m nobody’s ass panda”. Fight is over, and all that’s hurt is your pride.


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