Strength And Conditioning, Benefits For BJJ

As many of you may remember, I have written other articles explaining why strength and conditioning may not be worth it. ‘

I am, however, not biased enough to overlook the great benefits these activities can offer. There is definitely a reason most high level athletes use strength and conditioning programs as part of their training.

So, to play devil’s advocate on myself, I’d like to discuss the benefits of strength and conditioning programs.

Muscle endurance and strength

Anyone who says this doesn’t play a roll in BJJ is lying.

Yes, if one athlete has far superior technique, she might be able to beat a significantly stronger opponent. However. all other things equal, the stronger and more athletic athlete will normally come out on top.


Yes, you read that right. Certain movements can in fact improve overall flexibility. This occurs when we use full-range motions and add weight. This can be huge in BJJ.

Although the flexibility gain may be minimal, it can still be useful.

Body Fat Percentage

Weight training has been proven to be a key tool in lowering body fat percentage, especially when trying to break the 10% mark. The more muscle you create, the more calories your body will burn in order to maintain it.

It has also been shown that when combined with fasted cardio (jiu-jitsu?) weight training can become even more beneficial. This can be great for BJJ, especially if you seek to drop a weight class.


While you should still be careful and tap when necessary, weight training can strengthen your muscles and ligaments. This will make you last just a tad longer when in danger and it can save you from injuries.

However, do not attempt to use your newfound strength in place of technique.

You will lose.


Sometimes we simply cannot make it to BJJ class, and that’s a shame.

What would be more of a shame is to get no exercise at all. Strength and conditioning can be used to keep active on the days when you simply cannot make it to BJJ.

So, what are your thoughts on this subject. I personally have a love/hate relationship with strength and conditioning, but overall it is a great tool .


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