Team Cicero Costha, and Joao Miyao, Top Light Featherweight Podium

Joao Miyao has stood on many, many podiums with a medal around his neck over the years. But June 2nd at IBJJF Worlds in California marked the first time the light featherweight has been dead center, gold around his neck. And he was flanked entirely by teammates, as Cicero Costha’s proteges swept the division.

As one half of the dominating Miyao Brothers, Joao has suffered some heartbreakingly close defeats in his quest for gold, notably black belts like Caio Terra and Mikey Musumeci. This time around, Joao rolled right around the tragedy and ended up with just one man between him and the championship–brother Paulo, who had dropped down a weight class from last year. The pair chose to shut out the bracket rather than compete against each other, and Paulo agreed Joao should be declared the winner.

We’ve not yet confirmed it officially, but this looks to be the first time brothers closed out a division to top the podium at Worlds. Cue the inspiring music.

The finals were rounded out by fellow Cicero black belts Hiago George and Tiago Barros. Costha must be extra proud today.


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