Teenage Purple Belt Phenom Jessa Khan Has Been Promoted To Brown Belt

Purple belts relax and brown belts beware: Jessa Khan, who won basically everything as a purple belt, has been promoted.

The AOJ athlete and Fight 2 Win veteran — who has won Worlds four times, No-Gi Worlds three times, Pans four times, Euros twice, and most recently won No-Gi Pans from her journey from white to purple belt — earned the promotion on the podium this weekend at the Long Beach Open, where she took home gold after closing out her division with her best friend and teammate, Iasmim Casser.

“Today was a very special day for me, I was able to close out the open class with my best friend @iasmimcasser and I was promoted to brown belt! This year has been amazing. I was able to win every major tournament at purple belt. I really enjoyed my time in the purple belt. Now, I am at a new chapter in my journey, brown belt. I am very happy I was able to finish off the year strong. I look forward to all the new challenges brown belt has to offer me. Again, thank you to my parents, my professors, teammates and sponsors!”

Earlier this year, Khan was on our list of purple belts to watch out for at the UAEJJF World Pro, and she lived up to it by, of course, winning gold.

With Khan having proven her prowess at every rank so far, the world will be watching to see if she can continue her dominance as she advances to a new level of competition.


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