Actor Robert Pattinson Is Training Jiu-Jitsu For His Role As Batman

Robert Pattinson is perhaps best known for his role as Edward Cullen in the Twilight franchise, but in 2021, we’ll be seeing him put on the Batsuit. Pattinson will be starring as the titular character in The Batman, which is currently in pre-production. And in order to prepare for the role, he’s been working on his ground game by training BJJ with Rigan Machado.

Machado first revealed that he was training the Remember Me actor for his superhero role with an Instagram post that simply said, “Batman is coming.”

Yesterday, Machado shared even more photos of Pattinson training jiu-jitsu, and it seems like the actor is working hard to ensure that his ground game is worthy of a hero of Batman’s status.

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Jiujitsu brother

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Pattinson may not be able to give black belts a run for their money on the mats (yet), but this isn’t the first time he’s trained jiu-jitsu. Back in 2017, he took some photos that showed that he was training with Machado in the gi. It’s unclear if he’s been a consistent student all this time or only drops in every now and then, but it’s great to see him returning to continue his BJJ journey.

Machado is known as the guy to go to if you’re a celebrity who wants to learn to grapple. Just last week, he promoted another one of his famous students, Ashton Kutcher, to the rank of brown belt in BJJ.


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