The Backflip To Ankle Lock Combo

Video by Dillon D-Boy Masington


  1. ???? Is that even considered a set up. Doing a backflip and then diving for an ankle? It’s not even like you can even say “wow this kid did a backflip ankle lock”. It was two separate acts. Maybe I’ll juggle bowling pins and then shot a double leg. Same thing

    • If you are going to dis d-boy like that lets see you try it then. Its not as easy as it may appear there so i suggest you leave your hate comments to yourself. Obviously it works for him or they wouldnt make such a big deal over it, this isnt something you see everyday being used. He is all about putting on a show and he does that for sure. Some may hate on your style keep up the good work bud.

      • he’s just trying to show off and gain attention like an immature child, it’s not effective and makes no sense. the comments arent hate, theyre observations made by ppl with common sense unlike this technique. but check this out, to lessen the hate, use common sense, and revise the technique by back flipping toward the opponent that would make sense and also mask the fact that he’s just showing off. your welcome ppl who struggle with life…

        • He is not showing off one but if you knew him you would understand thats how he is in general. He loves flipping and doing stupid stunts just for the fun of it. Its not for attention its to put on a show.

        • Muhammad Ali was often accused of being a showoff. People criticized his shuffle, windmill, etc., and said it had no place in boxing. That it had no effect but to gain attention. Your comment reminds me of those critics. Critics who confused showmanship with showing off. Critics who didn’t understand how an unorthodox act in the ring could cause opponents to lose focus for a few seconds that Ali always took advantage of and capitalized on. Critics who simply didn’t comprehend.

          Keep innovating and dominating D. Keep using your showmanship to entertain and confuse your opponents and critics. Keep letting your talent bring jealousy, hate, and most importantly, success.

        • You are absolutely 100% correct he is just doing the back flip to gain attention! Goal achieved!! As for the immature child comment, I won’t dignify that with a response. Suffice it to say that at 20 years of age he has 24 finishes in competition via ankle lock so he must be doing something right and for fun I will add to the $500 challenge for five minutes to require at least one back flip!

  2. Sweet Sub man, Its hard enough to do a back flip, and hard to catch someone in an ankle lock. Forget what the haters say , probably a bunch of chubsters who cant tie their own shoes, hating. Keep doing what your doing. Great work.


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