The Big Mistake BJJ Players Make In Their Competition Diet

In Jiu-Jitsu competition we compete in weight classes and often times we see others cutting weight for competition. While this is an integral part of competition and something very common; most BJJ guys do it the wrong way. Most BJJ players at low levels end up cutting carb from their diet prior to competing and this is a terrible idea. Carbohydrates are our bodies best source for energy and cutting them out often leaves us feeling depleted and drained.

One of the biggest myths BJJ athletes believe is that “athletes avoid carbohydrates in an attempt to teach their body to burn fat as the major fuel source. The thinking has become that consuming carbohydrates and the ability to burn fat do not go together. The truth is that athletes can burn fat and consume carbohydrates. Always keep this statement in mind, “Fat burns in the carbohydrate flame.” Not only do carbohydrates provide energy for working muscles, they also assist in enabling fat metabolism. In short, carbohydrates need to be present in order for fat to be utilized for energy.”( 2014 | By Dr. Rick Kattouf)

Cutting our Carbs prior to a competition also often leaves us with less than ideal training leading up to the tournament. We have all seen that guy in our academy who is cutting and just gets way to tired and has to sit out a few rounds. It is much better to keep you carb intake moderate and be able to train hard than to tire out and sacrifice training session performance as well. While this seems to be common sense it has also been shown is many studies including  Jeukendrup, PhD, and Michael Gleeson, PhD mention that there is convincing evidence from numerous studies indicating that carbohydrate feeding during exercise of about 45 minutes or longer can improve endurance capacity and performance(Sport Nutrition, Second Edition, Jeukendrup&Gleeson).


Basically the best way to go into competition is with a healthy diet including moderate carb intake. This allows us to preform our best in the competition itself and in the training sessions leading up to it.


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