The Blind Fighter Inspires Others To Carry On At Norristown High School

When it comes to “The Blind Fighter,” there is an inspiring story that all ages will appreciate. In fact, the story of Gabe Iacovino is not just about a high school senior afflicted with the rare malady known as “Alstrom Syndrome,” it’s about hope, trust and a great young man with a lot of heart. Iacovino is credited with earing a coveted berth at the PIAA Wrestling Championships; while this senior heavyweight wrestler is legally blind and also suffering from hearing loss. What we’re talking about is inspiration in the flesh when Iacovino championed himself as a senior heavyweight wrestler at Norristown High School in the famed Borough of Norristown, Pennsylvania.

The Blind Fighter

Iacovino inspires others to great things

When young Gabe Iacovino was first diagnosed with this rare disease known as “Alstrom Syndrome,” the young man gave it little notice because he wanted to carry on as a normal teen with dreams of winning championships for his school and community. In turn, this Norristown “Eagles” senior went on to win numerous honors as a scholastic matmen and true champ of the heart.

“Every since I was little I’ve always been into wrestling. But I loved being outdoors and that’s where I wanted to be,” explained Iacovino during a recent interview at his high school. “I’d always been involved in sports,” Iacovino added, “My dad played baseball on this team called the Crimson Ghosts and I was the team mascot. But when I got to the age of 11 or 12, my sight was almost gone.”


Norristown senior soldiers on

Still, he soldier on and made believers of all in his community.
“I liked the one-on-one sports. I knew if I’d win, it was on me, and if I lost, it was on me. And it was a good way to get my frustrations out, I enjoyed competing and then working on the things I needed to do to get better,” the young man said.
Meanwhile, this brave young man just thinks that being blind is “just another obstacle to overcome.”

The Blind Fighter3

Overall, the parents and friends of this remarkable young man are just thankful that he remains positive so others may also learn the true secrets of his success.


  1. I had the extreme pleasure of competing against this young man a couple months ago in Harrisburg, PA. It was him and I alone in a white belt ultimate match. I can say from first hand experience he has legitimate talent and a will do compete. I did not see a man with a handicap that day. I competed against a skilled white belt in bjj.


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