The Controversial Win By Michael Bisping Against Anderson Silva

UFC 84 culminated in a main event, with the major contender Michael Bisping fighting against the middleweight champion Anderson Silva. It was a rocky start with many misses and near-misses, and Silva got in many kicks, punches, right hand moves and various other moves to put up a good fight.

At the end of almost every round, it appeared that Bisping would surely win. He really was at the top of his game throughout the night. Though Bisping did seem to be hurt at the end of Round 3, he kept pressing on to get in shots. During the match, there were numerous highlights from both of these fighters. It proved to be quite the entertaining and suspenseful event.

Even though both Silva and Bisping were relentless and neither were down at the end, the decision was unanimous. Michael Bisping was named the winner of this exciting UFC 84 match.


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